Initiative Work on Afghan-Uzbek Joint Market in Border Completes

KABUL (BNA) Uzbek officials say that the construction of the first phase of the Afghanistan-Uzbekistan joint market on the border line between the two countries has been completed and the distribution of shops for traders has begun.

Qut Jore Youf, the deputy of the Afghan-Uzbek joint market, told media that this project was created to expand business relations and create jobs for Afghans and the people of Uzbekistan. In this market, along with Uzbek traders, Afghan traders and entrepreneurs can also sell their work and activities.

Mr. Jore Youf said: More than four thousand shops, health centers, restaurants and guest houses will be built in this market. Afghan citizens can shop in this market for ten days without receiving a visa.

Meanwhile, the officials of the Balkh Chamber of Commerce and Investment and traders say that the creation of this market can provide a basis for showcasing the country’s domestic products and expanding the economic activities of traders.

On the other hand, officials of the Balkh Chamber of Commerce and Investment says that the establishment of this market can provide a platform for the display of Afghanistan’s domestic products and the expansion of the economic activities of Afghan businessmen.

The market being built to expand the economic relations between Afghanistan and Uzbekistan and to provide business opportunities for the businessmen of the two countries.


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