Interior Minister Haqqani Visit Sangeen District on his Trip to Helmand

LASHKARGAH (BNA) The Khalifa Sirajuddin Haqqani Minister of Interior of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan on a visit to Helmand province met with elders and scholars of the province.

Minister Haqqani listened to the needs and challenges of the Helmand community and promised that the Islamic Emirate will address the challenges of people in that province, said a statement.

He went to the Sangeen district in the north of Helmand and talked with the villagers, including the war victims.

Haqqani asked the security forces to work wholeheartedly in order to provide security and ensure the security challenges of the people.

The Minister of Interior directed the officials to be at the service of the people and take action to solve their problems.

Haqqani congratulated the people of Sangeen on the efficiency of the Islamic system in Afghanistan and praised the achievements of the people of Sangeen Mujahid against the invaders.

He said that the achievements of Mujahideen in Sangeen against the invaders should be recorded in history.

“Afghanistan is an Islamic and independent country and freedom is our legitimate right, we fought to get this right and we got freedom,” Haqqani added.

The governor of Helmand spoke about the improvement of the governance process and the provision of services to the people and pointed out that the gates of the local administrations are open to the people and anyone who has any problem can refer to them.

The governor said that they will work until the end of their lives to maintain the system and serve the people.


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