Interior Ministry Continues Security Assessments for June 14 Run-off

Saturday May 31, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Ministry of Interior Affairs (MoI) has reported that the security assessment of polling centers for runoff were underway and final results of the assessments would be shared with the Independent Election Commission (IEC) next week.
According to (MoI) spokesman Seddiq Seddiqi, the Ministry of Interior has asked the election commission of Afghanistan to share the list of additional polling stations with the security officials so that the security institutions formulate inclusive security plan for the new sites. Security officials have said that the security forces have launched at least 75 military operations over the past few days on eve of the elections to foil insurgents’ attempts that intend to disrupt the poll on 14 June 2014.
Meanwhile, the Independent Election Commission (IEC) announced an additional number of 3,613 polling sites for runoff and the total number of sites which are set to be operational in the runoff reach to 23,313 sites. “The election commission has increased the number of polling stations for those areas which are congested, but the number of polling centers so far haven’t been changed,” IEC spokesman Noor Mohammad Noor said. in addition, runoff candidates have paid their tributes to the courage and determination of the Afghan people who besides threats and intimidations of the surge groups widely voted in the first round of the elections which were held on 5 April 2014 and say this will have constructive impacts on political stability and peace in the country. Frontrunner candidates also expressed gratitude to the endeavors of Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) who worked day and night to maintain security during the elections.
“ANSF accomplished obligation with honestly and patriotism, because there were a lot of rumors and speculations over the elections in the first round, fortunately, Afghan forces overcame the threats effectively,” runoff candidate Abdullah Abdullah said. In the meantime, a number of political commentators have said that Afghan forces in the first round of the elections proved their war capabilities and succeeded to provide satisfactory security coverage to the people to vote in the elections. “Efforts of ANA, NDS and MoI personnel deserve appreciations, we must be thankful from the security forces,” political expert Amir Mohammad said. “Afghan forces succeeded to provide security to majority of the polling sites and centers in the first round.” “Security forces maintain crucial role in the election process, today we can proudly say that Afghan forces have achieved adequate war potentials to foil threats,” local resident Ali said. On 5th April 2014, millions of Afghan including the women came out of their homes and commuted toward the polling stations to vote in the presidential and provincial councils’ elections and lead the country toward change and strengthening democracy and rule of law. Participation of the people in the elections was unprecedented and it followed major reactions inside and in international sphere. Because, the Taliban militants group and their collaborators had warned the people on voting, but the Afghan people despite confronting major security threats came out to mark the future of the country by taking part in a democratic process. Following the controversies and speculations over security coverage of the elections, the security institutions of Afghanistan assured the nation of providing better security coverage in the elections as the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) proved their patriotism and courage.
The nation strongly appreciates the day night efforts of the security forces for providing comprehensive security coverage to the voters to cast votes in the election peacefully. The 5th April would be remembered as one of the historic days in the political history of Afghanistan and the people of Afghanistan despite facing serious security threats flooded towards the polling booths and casted their ballots in the favor of their desired candidate. June 14 elections have got major significant to Afghanistan and the world community to continue bilateral cooperation between Afghanistan and international community beyond 2014 when foreign forces set to evacuate the country after a decade long efforts against militancy and terrorism.
2014 elections will start a new chapter between Afghanistan and the world. International community has asked the government of Afghanistan to work hard and use all available sources to conduct the elections in a free and fair manner.

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