Interior Ministry Shared Its Annual Reports with Media

KABUL (BNA) The Ministry of Interior, Monday shared its one-year operations reports with the media in a press conference at the Government Information and Media Center in Kabul.

Sharing the Ministry’s annual reports with Media the spokesperson of the Ministry, Abdul Nafee Takor said that during the solar year 1401, 11,890 criminal incidents happened in the country.

According to the Ministry of Interior reports 16,685 suspects were arrested, and 1097 accused are still being pursued by the security forces.

Takor said that 106 cases of kidnapping happened, where the Ministry of Interior conducted 200 operations against abductors, adding that 13 kidnappers were killed during these operations, and 190 others were arrested.

During operations against abduction cases, 44 citizens were rescued from the grip of kidnappers and 6 others were killed by abductors unfortunately, he added.

The Ministry spokesperson said that in the past year, 780 people have been arrested in the whole country on charges of terrorist activities, 103 heavy, and 10,200 light weapons, and a large amount of military equipment and explosives devices have been recovered by the police.

According to Takor, currently, 234 cases are under investigation by Interpol of the Ministry of Interior and 9 cases of cash smuggling have been prevented in the last year, the total amount of which is 1.1 million USD

During a year 3,420 bank fees were distributed to eligible applicants for the license to utilize armored vehicles and weapons, and 167 million Afghanis were collected.

The counter-narcotics police of the Ministry arrested 5,050 people on charges of drug trafficking in the past year, 182 drug production factories were destroyed, drugs planted on 1,790 hectares of land were eradicated, and about 82,000 drug addicts have been gathered for treatment, he said.

The ministry spent 90% of its budget of 42 billion Afghanis for the year 1401.

1400 traffic accidents happened in the country in the last year, where 727 people were killed and 2,674 people were injured, said Takor.


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