International Aids Should Be Spent Through Govt. Budget: UK

Wednesday October 5, 2016

Kabul (BNA) The authorities of United Kingdom (UK) Embassy in Kabul have said that the government of this country considers to help Afghan government 750 million £ within upcoming four years and it wants the aid of international community should be spent through budget of government of Afghanistan.
The ambassador of UK in Kabul Dominic Jeremy has said this eye-catching aid is indicator of sustainable Britain commitment to long-term expansion of Afghanistan and based on Afghan government convincing reform programs for four next year’s especially, the strong commitment of Afghanistan towards counter corruption and culture of immunity from punishment. These efforts would gain the assurance of Afghan citizens including men and women so they see the result of development and improvement in their daily life including offering of public services and maintaining stability in Afghanistan.
It was due to proclaim officially these assistance in Brussels conference that is held yesterday.
Likewise, the Britain embassy in Kabul has said that their fresh contribution taken place for supporting reform programs, enforcement of education and health services, promotion of mine clearance programs, development of infrastructures and providing economic and job opportunities. At the same time, the UK international expansion minister in connection with fresh commitments for contributions of his country to Afghanistan, said: The UK contribution would be spent for rescuing of human-beings and prevention from humane emergency crisis. In long-run this support would help for a stable, secure and welfare Afghanistan.
According to the minister, the Britain proved it supported Afghanistan for its access to peace and stability. Considering the brave men and women Britain armed forces’ efforts, we continue to our support from Afghanistan and wanted to be assured that our support taken place for realization of hopes and ordeals of people of Afghanistan.
At the same time, with publishing of news release, the presidential office of Afghanistan welcomed these contributions of UK and asserted: the contribution of UK is indicator of strengthening of cooperation of this country to Afghanistan that in previous 15 years, such contribution to Afghanistan rendered in the fields of development and expansion.
Similarly, the government of Afghanistan says that the contribution of Britain and other donor nations to Afghanistan would be spent in this country in transparent manner in the fields of development
and maintaining peace and stability. At the same time, the house of people and a number of witnesses in political affairs of the country are laying emphasize on continued support of world countries especially the UN organization to Afghanistan expressed their views as follow: A MP. Mohammad Hashem says: the international community should help Afghanistan for long. Because, forgetting or nonsupport from this country by international community would face themselves with problems. He added: one of dire need is maintaining security in the country through funding and equipping of Afghan security forces. Because, they need long-term support for fighting with the threats of terrorists.
A political witness, Ali Rahmani believes that this news is a matter of hope for the people of Afghanistan that the international community would not forget once more Afghanistan and this would be a good opportunity for continuation of national unity government of Afghanistan as well as important guarantee for a stable tomorrow Afghanistan.
No doubt, the US and UK support is very important for Afghanistan and now, the people of Afghanistan are expecting that in new chapter in Brussels conference, in their commitments, they should place fighting against hideouts and training centers and funding of terrorists as priority in their programs. Because, terrorism not only is a serious threat for peace and stability in Afghanistan but it threats regional and world security as well. One of civil society’s activists, Safia Seddiqi says: if the world nations really want peace and stability be maintained in Afghanistan and the latter be successful in counter corruption, the  former should enforce more government institutions, so that from one side, practical strides to be taken for good governance and on the other, the contribution of world nations to be spent in transparent manner and the world become assured Afghanistan implemented its commitments pledged before international community. A number of countrymen say: the issue of world would not forget Afghanistan, would be a warning bell for the enemies of Afghanistan. Because, they are awaiting to introduce this country as insecure for the world and display their power to the world. This is in a time that within recent years, Afghanistan once more is placed in focal point of world and the latter wants to support from a stable and independent Afghanistan.
Suraya Raiszada

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