International Support Needed To Fight Terrorism, MoD

Sunday, July 02, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Iranian parliament’s chairman has recently said the government of Afghanistan didn’t need foreign troops’ cooperation, but the country’s ministry of defense is stressing on international forces cooperation with their Afghan counterparts.
Official of the ministry for defense said, “Currently, the Afghan security forces are capable enough to fight their homeland, but international support is needed to succeed war on terror.”
Brig. Gen. Dawlat Waziri, the spokesperson to the ministry of defense told media that the Afghan security forces can independently defend their soil, but the international troops should cooperate with them in fighting terrorism.
“Over the last more two than years, we could independently defend the country. Beside the Taliban, more than 20 other terror factions are operational throughout the country, thus, U.S. and its allies should help the government put an end to the ongoing war,” he added. “The regional countries, international community, NATO member states and the US should continue cooperation in terms of training, equipping and advising of the Afghan security forces, a move would result in ending Afghan war,” Waziri continued.
Expressing concern over deteriorating security in the country, a number of lawmakers and experts said that presence of international forces is a must to fully uproot terrorism.
A lawmaker Mohammad Abduh said, “Afghanistan is among those countries where has always given sacrifices in fighting terrorism. Therefore, all world countries should get united to overcome the menace.” A political expert, Ali Rahmani believes that the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) are capable enough to independently fight terrorism, but unfortunately, meddling in internal affairs of the country, presence of insurgent groups, particularly Daesh and Taliban are the issues need international support to overcome. Another political expert, Jawid Kohistani said, “the Afghan security forces should be further equipped and trained, stressing that the government of Afghanistan should properly avail the opportunities in order the international forces’ presence to be effective in the country.” This is while that currently almost 13,400 international forces including 9800 US troops are stationed in Afghanistan, aimed at advising and training of the Afghan security forces and in some cases help them during military operations.
Suraya Raiszada

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