Investment Opportunities Provided in Afghanistan: Hanafi

KABUL (BNA) Deputy Prime Minister of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Mawlawi Abdul Salam Hanafi, met with the Chinese envoy for foreign policy Yue Xiaoyang, on Wednesday in Kabul.

Mr. Yue Xiaoyang said in a meeting that China, like other countries, is in contact with the Islamic Emirate, and as a good neighbor of Afghanistan, and always stands with Afghanistan, according to a statement.

Deputy PM Hanafi, while welcoming the delegation, reminded of the good relations between Afghanistan and China, adding that China supports many countries including Afghanistan in many sectors of society.

According to the statement, Hanafi called on China for further cooperation in the sectors of economy and investment in Afghanistan.

Deputy PM Hanafi reaffirms that Afghanistan soil will never be used against the security of China or other countries around the world.

Mr. Xiaoyang said It is a good opportunity that the sovereignty of Afghanistan is in the hands of the Islamic Emirate and we want to work for the stability of Afghanistan through international consensus.

He said that China fully respects the territorial integrity of Afghanistan and we encourage Chinese investors and companies to invest in Afghanistan.

In the meantime, the Deputy PM appreciated China for issuing visas to Afghan businessmen and inspiring Chinese investors in Afghanistan and requested the country’s cooperation in political, economic, social, and in investment sectors.

Ground opportunities for investment in Afghanistan have been provided in the railway, electricity, mining, and other fields, and the Islamic Emirate is committed to providing the necessary facilities in those sectors, Hanafi added in the end.


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