Iran-Afghanistan photography exhibition Held in Herat

HERAT (BNA) The Union of Photographers of Afghanistan and Iran in Herat held a joint photography exhibition titled ” Bui Joi Mulian”

In this exhibition, Afghan and Iranian photographers will put into display around 49 of their works.

According to BNA reports, a ceremony held in the occasion of the exhibition attended by Iranian consular, culturist figures, university lecturers, and many more artist from both countries Iran and Afghanistan.

On the occasion of this Mawlana Naeem Alhaq Haqqani, head of Information and culture of Herat department, called the occasion of holding such functions in the welfare of arts, adding that now environment secure in the country towards holding such occasion, continued asking all’s Afghans and Iranian photographers to be pioneer boosting culture of arts.

Afterward, Mohammad Sediqfer, Iranian general consular, lettered holing such exhibition effective in strengthening ties between two countries and said that current state created more secure environment holding such exhibitions, adding that in the meantime another exhibition held in Iran in the occasion of New year, where Afghans exhibited their industrial products.

Meanwhile, Professors and educators express their heartful happiness holding such exhibitions, stressed that such function will strengthen the culture of the arts, and called for the continuation of holding the same mentioned exhibitions in support of art cultural works.

The “Boi Joi Mulian” Photography Exhibition will be open to visitors for at least five days in the “Allameh Salahuddin Seljuk” hall in the capital city of Herat province.


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