Iran President Meets Repersentatives of OANA

KABUL (BNA) Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi met with representatives of the 18th General Meeting of the Asia-Pacific News Agencies Organization OANA Tuesday.

In this meeting, on behalf of Afghanistan, Abdul Wahid Rayan, the General Director of Bakhtar News Agency, talked about the media and media situation of Afghanistan and region.

Rayan said that the countries of the region, especially Afghanistan and Iran, have suffered a lot from the cultural invasion of the West, adding that the media plays an important role in fight against cultural invasion.

Meanwhile, Raisi called the meeting of OANA organization important and valuable in the field of communication and media cooperation between representatives of countries.

The 18th assembly of the Organization of News Agencies of Asia and the Pacific OANA took place in the capital of Iran, Tehran, and will last for another day.


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