Iranian Border Forces Shots Young Afghan Refugees

NIMROZ (BNA) Four Afghan refugees were killed and at least 13 others were wounded in the firing of Iranian border forces while, Afghans tried to pass the border..

The unexpected incident occurred on Tuesday in the village of Khash and Saravan in Sistan Baluchistan when the Iranian military forces fired on the convoy carrying young Afghan refugees.

Young people who entered Iran illegally and wanted to enter the cities of this country to work.

Local sources of Iran’s Sistan Baluchistan and Afghanistan’s Nimroz, told the media that four people killed and 13 others were wounded in this in Iranian firing in Afghans refugees.

The witnesses of the incident said that the convoy carrying the Afghan refugees deviated from the road and overturned after being fired upon by Iranian border forces.

Young Afghan refugees have witnessed all kinds of tortures, including killings, on the border between Iran and Afghanistan.


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