ISIS Actively Recruiting In Afghanistan, Won’t Let Them To Grow: Top US Commander Says

Tuesday May 26, 2015
Kabul (BNA) The commander of international forces in Afghanistan said on Saturday that the Islamic State group (ISIS) is actively recruiting in Afghanistan but is not yet operational there.
General John F. Campbell said the group’s sophisticated social media campaign was attracting Taliban fighters based in Afghanistan and Pakistan who are disgruntled with the lack of progress in more than 10 years of fighting to overthrow the Kabul government. As a result, many were pledging allegiance to the Islamic State group, which controls about a third of Syria and Iraq, Campbell told reporters. “We don’t want it to continue to grow,” he said, adding that efforts were being made to ensure its presence did not reach levels similar to Syria and Iraq. American general added, “The Afghan people generally are not agree with Daesh idea and this factor can limit growth of this group in Afghanistan. It was said that some Afghan authorities including president Ghani had said that Daesh has not active in Afghanistan while the NSA had announcement Daesh as a dangerous group one month ago in Senate session.
But now days there are rumors on existence of Daesh group in some volatile areas of Afghanistan while the Afghan authorities and experts and political analysts, rejecting emerge of Daesh in Afghanistan believe that Afghanistan would never accept Daesh. The MoI authorities called existence or presence of Daesh in Afghanistan as the propaganda of Taliban insurgents, rejected it strongly said that ANSF will be fighting them with all their capabilities like Taliban and Al-Qaeda. Talking on the presence of Daesh, military political analyst Khalid said, “In those countries the Daesh existed, they have slavered families and use them like female slaves. But the Afghan society is a religious Islamic, traditional society with honor as a priority. Therefore slavery and female slavery is impossible in this country. Khalid added, “The ANSF have essential capabilities to fight Daesh and Taliban and we can say that in 2015 Taliban insurgents will not be capable to confront ANSF. ANSF are well capable to provide security for their country. Ali Rahmani another political analyst said, “Extremist ideas have increased in Afghanistan and Pakistan in the last 30 years and existence of religious madrassas have recruited large number of youth toward extremism and paved the way to Daesh in Afghanistan.
He added, Daesh is not a self-motivated movement but certain hands in the region are involved in creation of Daesh. In fact and most likely Daesh is a group that has been created against Iran. The Persian Gulf countries particularly fear that Iran would appear as a regional power with nuclear weapons. That would cause it to dictate other countries and cause a war near Iran to involve it. He went on to say at present war is going in Iraq and Kurdistan areas by Daesh as well as in Iran borders. Due to their long borders, Afghanistan and Pakistan are posed to danger of Daesh. The lawmakers said, in connection with Daesh, request from the Afghan government of NUG particularly the ANSF and regional countries are this that to make sincere efforts to secure Afghanistan and not to let the blood of innocent Muslims be shed. World community should design a clear strategy for elimination of Daesh to safe the globe.
Suraya Raiszada

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