Islamic Emirate Works to Bridge Gap Between Modern, Islamic Education

KABUL (BNA): Acting Minister of Higher Education of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Sheikh Neda Mohammad Nadem during his visit to Uruzgan province stressed the need for professional personnel in various fields, saying the ministry works to present competent individuals for the future of the country.

He stated that by training more cadres in the country, the government will be able to eliminate its reliance on foreign countries.

The current Afghan system, according to the Acting Minister of Higher Education, is a comprehensive Islamic system, and the secret to the government’s success is unity among the people and officials.
Sheikh Neda Mohammad Nadem stated that he has bridged the gap between Islamic and modern education given the need for professionals in both fields and that efforts to eliminate the disparity are ongoing.

This high-ranking Islamic Emirate official praised the sacrifices of the people of Uruzgan over the last 20 years of Jihad and assured them to pay special attention to the development of the region.


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