Japan to Reopen its Embassy in Kabul

KABUL (BNA) Deputy political of Prime Minister Afghanistan, met with Mr. Takashi Okada Japan Ambassador to Afghanistan at the Sapedar Palace late on Wednesday.

Ambassador Takashi Okada in the meeting said Japan will continue its assistance to Afghanistan and wants security and stability in the country.

He hailed Islamic Emirate for fighting against o curb narcotics and poppy cultivation in Afghanistan.

He also praised the approval of the current year’s budget.
Mr. Okata added that there were reports of human rights, women’s employment and education, social government, and arbitrary killings.

Mr. Okada said Japan will resume its mission in Afghanistan.

Deputy Prime Minister said some media outlets are broadcasting false ok information about the violation of human rights which is just rumors.

Mawlawi Kabir appreciated Japan for its assistance to the Afghan people and called for the continuation of support.

Mawlawi Abdul Kabir assured introduced the ambassador of Japan to the security and hailed its mission restoration in the country.


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