Joint Meeting On Power Transmission Between Afghanistan and Turkmenistan Started

KABUL (BNA) Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS) the country’s main power supply company official and the Turkmenistan officials held joint meeting on Power Transmission Project, DABS said in a statement.

The meeting was started to discuss the imported electricity from Turkmenistan, Herat’s Noor ul-Jihad substation, Kham Aab Qarqin and the 500-kilowatt Sar Khan–Pul-e-Khumri project, according to the statement.

The meeting was attended by Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat Executive Officer Mullah Mohammad Hanif Hamza, Hoja Ovezov the ambassador of Turkmenistan, the technical board of Breshna Company and the board of Turkmenistan electricity transmission project.

In the meeting, DABS officials discussed the important aspects of the Turkmenistan Power Transmission Project to Herat’s Noor ul-Jihad substation as well as review and evaluation of the equipment for quality detection and evaluation of the lane transmission path and its protocol will be specified in the future.

The Turkmenistan Power Transmission Project will be implemented by the neighboring country of Turkmenistan and it will cost 3.2 million US dollars which will be paid by the Breshan Sherkat, according to the statement.

With the completion of the power transmission power shortage would be addressed in the province.


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