Joint Statement Of President Of Afghanistan With Jehadi Leaders, Speakers Of The Two Houses, Chief Justice And Head Of Afghanistan Ulema Council

Monday, February 27, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The president of Afghanistan on February-26,2012, Hazrat Sebghatullah Mujadedi chairman of the commission for resolving disputes and people’s link with the government, Jehadi leaders, vice-president, speakers of parliament, Chief Justice, head of the ulema council of Afghanistan, some cabinet members in a meeting consulted over the tragic desecration of Holy Kuran. 
The participants unanimously approved the following message:
1- The Holy Kuran is the sacred book of the people of Afghanistan and the World Muslims and the people of Afghanistan for the defense of Holy Kuran, be life’s and their religious values have always gave sacrifices and they are expresses their hatred and indignation over the tragic desecration of the Holy Kuran.
2- The government and its organs fully support the honest Islamic sentiments of the people and as an Islamic government stand with its people. The government, National Assembly, the Supreme Court and the high council of ulema council of Afghanistan strongly condemn this tragic act and ask the US authorities and the coalition forces once again to prevent repetition of such unpleasant act in the future.
3- The president of the USA and the commanders of that country have apologized for this incident and undertook that they will pursue this issue seriously and its perpetrators will be punished.
4- The president of Afghanistan, Jehadi leaders, vice-presidents, the speakers of both houses of parliament, chief justice, and head of the ulema council of Afghanistan asks the US government to bring to trail the perpetrators of this incident.
5- The participants’ officer peace to the souls of the martyrs of the recent incidents and wish immediate recovery to the wounded and wish patience for the bereaved families of the martyrs. The participants also asked the Muslims of Afghanistan not to permit that their Islamic and honest sentiments are misused by the opposition of security and stability of the country.
6- The government of Afghanistan is in contact with the US government in this respect and shall exert all efforts for trial of the perpetrators of this tragic incident. And asks the honest Muslims of Afghanistan to preserve their calmness and by respecting the laws give the opportunity to the government so that it can pursue this issue through legal channels and can prevent occurrence of such incident in the future.  (Help comes from Allah).

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