Malaysia, South Korea And Indonesia Will Train Afghan Journalists

Kabul (BIA) Deen Mohammad Mubarez Rashidi deputy minister of publication of information and culture ministry says that Malaysia, South Korea and Indonesia cooperate in training of the Afghan journalists. 

This understanding has been reached alongside the IBU conference in New Delhi. 

Rashidi added that the IBU organization has affiliation with 201 important media in 60 countries and holds its general assembly annually and Afghanistan has its membership for 42 years. 

The IBU conference was held from 3 to 8th of November and the chairmanship of the conference was delivered from Malaysia to South Korea. 

He added that alongside this conference the Afghan delegation met with the delegations of South Korea, Malaysia and Indonesia and these countries agreed to train the Afghan reporters and journalists. 

He noted that soon contracts will be signed in this respect with those countries.

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