Considerable Progress Made In Afghanistan In Past Ten Years: NATO Civil Envoy

Kabul (BNA) According to NATO civil representative for Afghanistan, Soimon Geis, following the collapse of Taliban regime, considerable progress has been achieved in different spheres in Afghanistan. 

Talking on the tenth university of collapse of Taliban he said that though much aid has not been delivered to Afghanistan and there is need for more efforts, but we are satisfied of what has been achieved.

He added that marked development is seen in road building, water supply and power, but it has been not that much that we wanted. 

Touching on the second Bonn Conference he noted that at this conference not only discussions will take place about the progress in the past ten years, but they are hopeful that Afghanistan will get fresh commitments from the international community in respect to peace, stability in Afghanistan. 

He also talked on signing of the strategic contracts between Afghanistan and some countries. 

He called signing of the strategic contracts as positive and added that NATO shall also sign a strategic partnership contract with Afghanistan as well. 

He stressed that this agreement will undertake the training of security forces of Afghanistan after the 2014. 

The Afghan government so far has concluded a strategic agreement with India and it is expected to sign similar agreements with France, EU and the US as well.

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