Those Attempted Attack on Parliament Arrested, Mashal

Kabul (BNA) Spokesperson of the National Security Department informed the media of arrest a 10 member suicide group who wanted to attack the parliament. 

He said that last week a 10 member group who wanted to attack the parliament was arrested along with four suicide waste coats, 40 Kalashnikovs from the Pul-i-Charkhi and First Microrayon of Kabul city, four of them are Pakistanis nationals. 

He added that Ghulam Rehman one of the group member had placed the suicide waste coats inside the consignment of Holy Kuran and wanted to carry them to Kabul and they were arrested by the National Security personnel in Pul-i-Charkhi. 

They confessed that they were attempting attack on the building of parliament and they were directed from Pakistan by Mullah Hassan. 

The Pakistani nationals are Sharifuddin, Abdul Wahab,  Rafiullah, and Abdul Majid who have come here for carrying of suicide attacks and they confessed to their crime. 

Another six members of the group are Afghans who have received military training in Pakistan. 

He also informed of arrest of eight terrorists and some arms in Samangan and Kapisa. 

He assured that proper security measures fare in place for holding of the Loya Jirgah.

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