Kabul Residents Appreciate ANP For Better Security On Eid Days

Sunday July 2, 2017

Kabul (BNA) A number of Kabul residents are appreciating the country’s national security forces for maintaining security during the Eid days and saying the security forces were trying their best to provide better security for the people in various parts of the Kabul city. Related to security during the Eid days, Anwar, a Kabul resident said, “Unfortunately this year’s Ramadan was one the deadliest months of the year in which a large number of our countrymen were martyred and injured due to explosions and terrorist attacks and the people were even afraid of increasing insecurities during the Eid days on which they could not celebrate it in a better way, but fortunately the country’s national security forces provided better security for the people in particular Kabul residents on Eid days”.
Another Kabul resident Shaima told, “If security forces have full support of the people, they will be very successful in providing security in the country as we’ve witnessed considerable presence of security forces in various parts of Kabul city where they were trying to honestly provide security and protect the life and property of the people”. “Besides appreciating the country’s national defense and security forces, I want the government to fully support and equip them”, Ahmad Hussain, another Kabul resident asserted.
Meanwhile, minister of interior informed of the ministry’s particular program for maintaining better security in Kabul city.  Kabul acting police chief Mohammad Salim Ihsas in a gathering held for appreciation of the country’s national security forces by a civil society organization said currently a very good coordination has been made between Afghan security forces. “Joint programs and close coordination between security organs and cooperation of the people have resulted in improvement of security in the country”, Ihsas said, adding that the country’s security forces would make use of all possibilities and capabilities to provide better security for the people in the country. Afghan civil society activists led by deputy minister of youth affairs for information and culture in a gathering have appreciated Afghan national security personnel by granting them gifts and flowers, saying that Afghans have marked the Eid days in a secure environment because of blessing of ANDSF.
In the gathering, head of Afghanistan youth civil society association Fardin Fedayee asked the people to fully support their security forces and cooperate with them in maintaining better security in the country. Meanwhile, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in meeting with Kabul residents has promised that a particular plan was underway for maintaining better security in Kabul city. On the other hand, Afghan security officials are considering support and cooperation of the people with ANDSF as significant and saying support of the people from the country’s security forces has recently increased, adding that such cooperation and support can help in better maintaining of security in the country.
Shukria Kohistani

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