Kandahar Expert Pomegranates worth $48 Mln to Abroad

KANDAHAR (BNA) The officials of the Chamber of Commerce and Investment of Kandahar, say that in this season, pomegranates worth over 48 million dollars have been exported to foreign countries.

The deputy of this chamber, Abdul Baqi Bina told Bakhtar News Agency that the pomegranate harvest this year was up and the export of the fruit has increased several times compared to last year.

The Kandahar pomegranates with its best taste and quality and are mostly exported to Pakistan, India, Russia and the United Arab Emirates, he added.

Meanwhile, Mawlavi Shams ur Rahman Musa, head of agricultural, Irrigation and Livestock of Kandahar, says that pomegranate trees have been planted in ten thousand acres of land in different districts of Kandahar this year.


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