Khalili Attends 6th Annual International Conference For Reduction Of Disaster In ECO Countries Held In Kabul

Wednesday, February 29, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The 6th annual international conference on reduction of disasters among the ECO countries was organized yesterday in Kabul in presence of Mohammad Karim Khalili second vice-president. 
The conference is organized for reduction of natural disasters with the participation of the ECO member countries, the national disaster preparedness department and some international organizations. 
Khalili while opening the conference appreciated the organizers and added that holding of this conference is a big step towards combating, giving awareness, enabling and management of national disasters at the regional level. 
He noted that annually disaster incidents occur in ECO member countries that lead to destruction of the expansion achievements of these countries, for this very reason creation of a joint cooperation framework and a specific mechanism towards strengthening regional cooperation for combating outcomes of natural disasters is a necessity. 
He stressed that creation of regional foundation for combating the disaster will not only strengthen lasting expansion in the region, but it will improve the level of living of the people and restore peace and stability in this region. 
According to Khalili in recent years there were no balance between the volume of disasters and the possibilities in Afghanistan, however, we tried our best to strengthen, equip our foundations and by creation of coordination in our administration we could reduce the outcomes of natural disasters in the country. 
He appreciated the assistance of all international organizations including the ECO member states which assisted the national preparedness department of Afghanistan. 
The head of the national disaster preparedness, manager of US humanitarian coordination office, the secretary of ECO and Fatema Gailani chairperson of Afghan Red Crescent Society were other speakers at the conference. 
They said that the aim behind holding of this conference was assessment of the natural calamities and hoped that this conference can reach the desired decisions. 
The UN representative said that good management and close, cooperation of the ECO member states are of priorities for combating disaster at the regional and Afghanistan.

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