Khalili introduced nine candidate ministers to House of People

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Kabul (BNA) second vice-president Mohammad Karim Khalili introduced nine candidate government proposed ministers to the House of People.  Khalili accompanied the ministers to the House of People hall and introduced them to the deputy’s yesterday morning:

  1. Dr. Soraya Dalili candidate minister for public health ministry,
  2. Dr. Hosson Banu Ghazanfar, minister for women affairs,
  3. Daoud Najafi, minister for transport,
  4. Eng. Amirzai  Sangeen minister of communications and information technology,
  5. Dr. Hassan Abdullahi minister of urban and shelter development,
  6. Eng. Najibullah Ouzhen, minister of public works,
  7. Wais Barmak minister of rehabilitation and rural development,
  8. Obeidullah Obeid, minister of higher education,
  9. Mohammad Ismayel minister of energy and water.

While introducing the candidate government proposed minister Khalili expressed the hope that the people’s representatives considering the qualifications and talents of the candidate ministers give the vote of confidence so that the cabinet is completed.  Expressing his regret over the incident in Bagram Airport he said that the leadership of Afghanistan will strongly condemn this incident and hoped that with the cooperation of the NATO in charges, the perpetrators of this incident is verified and dealt with legally.  Addressing the deputies Khalili added that the present Afghanistan has reached the stage that we can expect a clear future and be hopeful to it, on condition that our nation strengthens their vigilance, awareness and unity in relation to all events.  As regards the transition of security from the NATO forces to the Afghan forces he stressed that under such a situation, what is important is looking to our future destiny.  If the people of Afghanistan are decisive to save the country from irregularities, this will happen accordingly.  He stressed on the cooperation of three Sate Powers and reiterated that such cooperation has its importance and so far that the Afghans accept each other and cooperate with each other, no power is able to overcome the present challenges in the country.  He added that acceleration of the peace is dependent on the transparency of the negotiation process so that first trust is built up and the values of the past ten years achievements are preserved.  He noted that Afghanistan needs continued cooperation with the world community including the US so that the long-term cooperation treaty is signed and such treaties will become enforced that it is adopted by the parliament.  He hoped that the deputies considering the sensitivity of the time take decision in this respect that is to the welfare of the Afghan nation.

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