Khost Airport to Soon Become Operational: Civil Aviation

Kabul (BNA) An airport in Khost, which aims to become one of the international airports in the country, will be fully operational in near future, a progress that will happen 10 years after the start of its construction, officials said.

Some test flights have been made in the airport starting from last week by the state-owned Bakhtar aviation company.

Afghanistan has four international airports in Kabul, Herat, Balkh and Kandahar. “This airport will soon be inaugurated by the government,” said Naeem Salehi, a spokesman for the Civil Aviation Authority.

The association of aviation companies said the inauguration of the airport will boost the aviation market and will increase the country’s exports.

“Air transportation is a good way towards trade development. Security challenges have hampered traveling to many provinces, including Badakhshan, Helmand, or Uruzgan; therefore, air transportation is one of the best options,” said Mahmoud Shah Habibi, head of the association.

Khost Airport project costs 900 million Afs ($11 million) and it has been built based on international norms, according to officials.

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