KM Collected 3.6 Bln Afs In Revenue in a Year

KABUL (BNA) 3.6 billion afghanis collected in revenue by Kabul municipality during a year said Mawlawi Abdul Rashid, the mayor of Kabul, today, Sunday in the government’s accountability program to the nation.

In a press conference at the Government Information and Media Center, shared information about one accomplishment of the department with the nation through media.

According to the Kabul mayor, more than 1000 public properties have been taken back from the grasp of the usurpers and the programs of the Kabul municipality have been implemented in those places.

He added that in order to ensure urban order, non-moving carts have been built and distributed to street vendors, and more than 300 and 80 thousand metric tons of garbage have been collected from different places and transported outside the city.

The city buses of Kabul municipality have started operating, and in order to make Kabul city greener, thousands of flower bushes and saplings have been planted in parks and green areas, and attention has also been paid to the irrigation section.


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