Kunar Power Dams Construction Would Ease Electricity Shortages, MoEW

Wednesday, February 18, 2014
Kabul (BNA) The authorities of Ministry of Energy and Water of Afghanistan say that with construction of two power dams in Kunar province, about 1100 mgw electricity would be generated and the requirements of Afghanistan would be removed in this regard.
Deputy Minister of this ministry Shujwuddin Ziayee told media that the technical studies of these power dams are completed and are ready for investment. Basic studies are completed on Kunar River, the fund needed for the project estimated about $1600 million. In tri-lateral meeting held between Afghanistan, China and Pakistan, this project was also discussed and China expressed its readiness to invest in it. Ziayee added that one dam that is close to Durand Line in Shawl region and another one in Shegi region of Kunar related to Asaad Aabad, the capital city of Kunar, would be built. At the same time, the ministry of foreign affairs of Afghanistan has said that in tri-lateral meeting that was held recently, the China authorities committed to help Afghanistan in construction of these dams. According to the authorities of ministry of foreign affairs, these two power dams have the capacity of generating more than 1000 mgw power. At the same time Breshna Sherkat(Breshna company) also regarded construction of power dams in Kunar province as a dire need for Afghanistan and says that serious effort should be made for their construction. Head of Breshna Sherkat, Abdurrazaq Samadi said that Pakistan is also facing with shortage of electricity and so, this country expressed its interest previously in this regard.
It is one of important projects in the region. Not only Afghanistan that the project helps it economically. It has much capacity, so it is not important for Afghanistan, but it helps regional countries especially, Pakistan that is facing with shortage of electricity. So, the national unity government considers solving the problem of shortage of electricity in the country. Since years to date, Afghanistan is facing with the shortage of electricity and it imported electricity from some neighboring countries such as Turkmenistan and Iran. At the same time, the experts in economic affairs told, that if beside Salma and Kajaki dams, Afghanistan to build another power dams, not only its requirements would remove in the connection, but it would export power to neighboring countries as well. They say that construction of water dams in villages and cities of Afghanistan is a dire need and with construction of dams, more problems of people would be removed. So, the national unity government should focus its attention in construction of economic infrastructures. Previously, the authorities of national unity government have proclaimed that in the future, Afghanistan would be able to export electricity to neighboring countries. It is a good glad-tiding for the people of Afghanistan. It is said that as of few years to date, the government focused its attention towards construction of water dams in the country but the reason that why these projects have not laid to utility is unknown so far. But, the people of Afghanistan believe that the issue would be cleared in the future. A Kabul citizen, Ahmad believes that the media reported time and again that water and power dams are built here and there. But it was remained only on paper, while it is a dire need. The Kabul citizens say that what the national unity government pledged should implement it. People are tired of empty promises. Because, within five months, the Kabul citizens are facing with the shortage of electricity, but this problem doesn’t removed so far.
Shukria Kohistani 

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