Large Shipment of Afghan Products Route to Europe through Central Asia

KABUL (BNA) The Ministry of Industry and Commerce of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan says 120 tons of Afghan Saffron and dried fruit and worth 2 million dollars to dispatch to Europe through Central Asia.

From 120 tons seven tons was saffron and the rest was goods that included dried fruits and carpets, the export volume is worth $2 million, according to the officials of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

“The role of businessmen in the country’s development and economic growth is important” said Qudratullah Jamal, deputy minister of Industry and Commerce.

Mawlavi Jamal said that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan committed supporting farmers, investors, industrialists and traders and is striving to expand trade and increase exports in the country.

He called on the countrymen to use domestic products to reach to an economic growth in the country.

“Today, a large shipment of 120 tons worth several million dollars is being shipped from Afghanistan, which is not only dried fruit but also saffron, carpets and minerals, which are actually exported to foreign countries via Karachi, Haritaan and Bandar Abbas ports,” said Khanjan Alkozi, a member of the ACCI.

Meanwhile, recently, 75 tons of “Afghan Black Pine Nuts” worth about 1.5 million USD has been exported from Afghanistan to China recently, and same like, another first large shipment of 12 tons of “Afghan Black Pine nuts” has been exported from Herat to Germany.


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