Local Man Donates 1 Million Afghanis to Fund Construction of School Building in Logar

LOGAR (BNA): Homayun Bahadur, a local resident, is donating one million Afghanis to construct a school in the Haroun Khel area of Pul-e-Alam, located in Logar province.

This initiative is expected to provide hundreds of male and female students with a suitable educational environment.

Previously, these students had to study outdoors or under tents due to a lack of classroom facilities.

The Education Director of Logar province expressed appreciation for Bahadur’s generosity.

The new school building will comprise six classrooms and an administrative room.

Construction is expected to be completed within two months, after which it will be ready for use by the students.

This development has been met with joy by the students, who are looking forward to studying in a conducive educational environment for the first time.


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