Mass of Beggars, Made Labor Minister to Travel West

HERAT (BNA) Acting Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Mawlavi Abdul Wali Waris said during a trip to Herat that they are working on a plan in coordination with several other ministries to reduce the level of unemployment in the country.

Acting Labor Minister in an interview with BNA says that they have organized a commission to identify genuine questioners in the cities so that they could introduce them to the Red Crescent and aid organizations to help them on a monthly basis.

Minister Waris stated that they have a training and assistance program for homeless children; to collect all the orphaned children from the market and provide them with educate.

He said they have a plan to collect street addicts in cooperation with the Ministry of Public Health and the Ministry of Education so that street addicts can be treated and educated as well.

Acting Minister of Labor and social Affairs, adds that this ministry is aware of people’s problems and is currently working on a plan to provide work through mines, rural development and agriculture for other sections of the society.

During his visit to Herat, the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs asked foreign and domestic institutions to implement temporary programs for the people, pay attention to basic programs in the direction of teaching technology and professions that increase employment opportunities.

He said that the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs work with charitable organizations that work in the field of job creation to provides the necessary facilities to organizations for creating job opportunities.


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