Massive of Foreign and Domestic Tourists Rush to Visit Herat

HERAT (BNA) Local officials of Herat say that with the start of the year, 4,000 domestic tourists and 240 foreign tourists have traveled to Herat.

Lately, 13 tourists from Russia and Australia have traveled to Herat, local officials added.

The Herat’s Department of Information and Culture has received 300,000 Afghanis from tourism in the past 4 months said Mawlavi Rehmatullah Mohammadi a local official to BNA.

With the maintained of all-around security in Afghanistan, the space for tourists to visit the historical and natural attractions of the country has become favorable.

Herat’s Tourism Commissioner continues to talk about providing more facilities for foreign tourists in this province and says that recently 20 interpreters for foreign tourists have been appointed by this department.

Meanwhile, some cultural experts in Herat say that the development of the tourism industry, along with cultural interactions, is effective in the growth of domestic revenue and the introduction of Afghan culture to the world.


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