Media Violation Commission Held First Meeting

KABUL (BNA) Chaired by Mullah Khairullah Khairkhah Acting Minister of Information and Culture, first media violation commission held today, Tuesday.

In order to prevent violence against the media violations commission for the prevention of crimes was initiated and today, Tuesday it held its first meeting, according to the Ministry statement.

Media figures and relevant government bodies who have members will hold weekly meetings and observe media-related problems and then find suitable solutions, said to be the platform of the commission.

Lately, a number of media support institutions that participated in the press conference called on the Islamic Emirate to respect the principles that sustain a free media, they called for the reopening of the commission.

There are 405 audio-visual media outlets in Afghanistan. Since 2003, 405 media outlets have been registered and received their licenses. Based on the survey of the Ministry of Information and Culture, the number of media outlets currently active is 198 across Afghanistan.


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