Mes Aynak’s Relics Transportation Process to Start Soon Ahead of Winter

KABUL (BNA) Al-Aliph organization and Agha Khan cultural foundation announced financial support transferring relics of Mes Aynak with the upcoming winter.

The Deputy Minister of Information and Culture, Mawlavi Atiqullah Azizi, said that the work on transferring the relics will be manage in a technical and professional manner under the supervision and coordination of the Ministry.

With the arrival of winter, primary work will be conducted to protect the historical monuments in Logar’s Mes Aynak to avoid possible rains and other natural disasters, Azizi added.

According to Azizi, with the start of this project transferring the relics, 200 people will be provided with job opportunity of technical and professional education for Afghan experts and professionals.

Mr. Azizi said that short-term protective coverings will be erected around the historical monuments in Mes Aynak, micro watercourses will be built to avoid seasonal water and danger.


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