Meshrano Jerga Discusses Issues On Its Agenda

Wednesday, October 24, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Chaired by Mohammad Alam Ezedyar first secretary of the senate, the senators called the recent assertions of Mark Grossmann Special Envoy of the USA for Afghanistan and Pakistan, an open intervention in the domestic affairs of Afghanistan. 
Strongly reacting to his assertions, the senators called it as irresponsible and against the accepted diplomatic principles and inter-state laws. 
They stressed that Afghanistan is an independent country and Afghanistan will take decision on the Duran Line on the basis of high interests of the country.
Some of the senators called the Durand Line a national political issue, while some other senators attributed the interventions of Pakistan due to the Durand Line.
The added that the government of Afghanistan should undertake measures based on the historical documents and try to resolve this issue through national referendum or refer it to the Loya Jirgah under the supervision of the UN and seek a solution for this issue.
Some other senators said that still Afghanistan is not in the position to find a solution for this issue unless this country become powerful enough and get political stability in the country and then it can be taken up and seek its solution.
It should be mentioned that Mark Grossmann has told one of the media that the US recognizes the Durand Line as an international border between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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