Mine Blast Wounds Three Girl Students

Monday, May 26, 2014
Taliqan (BNA) Three girl students were wounded in explosion of a mine in Takhar province yesterday.
A police official of Takhar said the mine was placed by armed insurgents in a bicycle and wanted to target police vehicle.
Abdul Khalil Aseeri spokesman of Takhar security directorate said BNA; the explosion occurred in outskirt of Taliqan center of that province, which caused wounding of three girl students.
Aseer added that the explosion took place close to girls’ school and its aim to target police vehicle in the site.
Medical official in Taliban hospital reported the health condition of the wounded satisfactory. 
According to another report, two civilians martyred and four others wounded in explosion of a roadside mine in Farah province yesterday evening.
Nematullah Khalil commander of 2nd division of national army of Farah province said BNA, the incident occurred when a civilian vehicle hit a roadside mine in Bomdi region, Poshtkho district, which caused killing of two civilians and wounding of four others.
According to the source, the injured have been taken to provincial hospital of Farah province.
Medical officials of the hospital reported the health condition of the injured critical. 
T. Suraya-Yarzada

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