Minister of Hajj Stresses Better Facility for Afghan Pilgrims

KABUL (BNA) Minister of Hajj asked for more facilities for Afghan pilgrims in a meeting with the deputy ambassador of Saudi Arabia on Tuesday in Kabul.

In a statement, the Ministry informed BNA of Meeting Dr. Noor Mohammad Saqib, Acting Minister of Hajj and Religious affairs with Badr Qtaibi Deputy Ambassador of Saudi Arabia Kingdom to Kabul.

In the meeting, Acting Minister hailed the cooperation of Saudi Arabia with the people of Afghanistan in various sectors and asked for expansion in the sector of Hajj and pilgrimage to this country. Adding the statement.

“He called for diplomatic relations with all countries, especially Islamic countries, stating that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan under the auspices of the Islamic rule while ensuring public security, has taken honest steps in the service of the nation,” said the Minister.

From the beginning of the hypothetical process of Hajj, he welcomed the connection with practical action for the next stages of the program and asked the Deputy Ambassador to provide more facilities and funds for Afghan pilgrims.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia praised the safe space formed under the rule of the Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan and his country will continue its cooperation with Afghanistan, especially with the Ministry of Hajj. Said Deputy Ambassador.


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