MoAIL Conducting Long-Term Project to Protect Forests in Nuristan


NURISTAN (BNA) A project which will last for at least three years will be conducted with the financial support of UN international organization to protect the forests in Nuristan, says local officials at the department of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock of province.

The project will cover protection of forests in Parun and Wama districts in the center of Nuristan, officials added.

In the meantime the provincial officials of the province called the protection of forest on their priority.

The provincial head of Nuristan’s Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock Mawlavi Suliman Ayman asked for the extension of similar programs to the districts, adding that conducting such project is vital for Nuristan to protect the forests in this province.

According to him, Nuristan has 300,000 hectares of forests and 200,000 hectares of pastures, which make up 25 percent of the country’s surface.

The Department of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock of Nuristan is striving to recover the destroyed forests with the support of international aid organizations, he added.


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