MoD Seeks to Remove Abusers from Military Ranks

KABUL (BNA) Visiting Al-Badr military corps, the deputy Minister of National Defense, Mullah Mohammad Fazel Mazloum, asked the officials of corps to seriously cooperate with the Islamic system in identifying abusers.

During the visit, Mullah Mohammad Fazil Mazloom, the deputy of the Ministry of National Defense, also attended a meeting with the 20th Al-Badr military Corps.

Addressing the Mujahidin, the Deputy Minister of National Defense stressed the strength of the system, clearing the ranks from the presence of abusers and making the field of service to the real Mujahidin more favorable.

He directed the officials of Al-Badr military Corps to seriously cooperate with the ranks purification committee in identifying abusers to be removed from the ranks.


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