Mujahid Traveled North to Visit Khush Tepa Major Irrigation Project in the Country

KABUL (BNA) The Khush Tepa canal is one of the largest in the country and that it will include Jawzjan, Balkh and Kunduz provinces and will have the capacity to irrigate at least 500,000 hectares of land.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan spokesperson, Zabihullah Mujahid, along with some other local officials of the north provinces traveled to north to inaugurate the construction of the khush Tepa Agricultural and Economic Canal, according to Bakhtar News Agency correspondent.

Upon completion, the proposed irrigation scheme will impact more than 60,000 households; with a 200-kilometer irrigation canal and a cultivated catchment area of 500,000 hectares.

Mujahid called Khush Tepa Irrigation canal project a major and dynamic project in the history of Afghanistan.

The project has three phases, the first phase of which is 108 km long, which starts from Amu Darya and reaches Dawlat Abad district of Balkh. the second phase is 177km long, starts from Dawlat Abad district of Balkh, passes through Agcha district of Jawzjan province and reaches Andkhoi Faryab district.

The third phase is the distribution of sub-channels in agricultural lands, this project will be completed within six years.

The project is a major irrigation and agricultural project in the region, adding that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is devoted to put this project into exploitation early of time set for the completion of the project, added Mujahid.

The work construction of Khush Tepa canal started 7 months back funded from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan budget.


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