Municipality of Takhar increased salaries of cleaning staffs

Taloqan (BNA) Azimullah Changiz, General Manager of Taloqan Municipality Cleaning, told BNA, the leadership of this department has increased the salaries of cleaning staffs by 30% compared to the past in order to improve the cleanness and cleaning activities in the cities of the province.

He said currently 45 people are in charge of collecting garbage in the city of Taloqan capital of the province and throwing them away far from the city.

In an interview with BNA, Burhanuddeen, a cleaning staff member, said that their monthly salary in previous government was 4,800, which was not paid on time.

According to him, they receive a monthly salary of 7,000 Afghanis in the current government and are happy with the leadership of the municipality.

Bakhtar news agency

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