Nearly 100 Taliban Insurgents Killed in Balkh Airstrikes

Mazar-e-Sharif (BNA) Nearly 100 Taliban insurgents were killed in the latest airstrikes in Balkh, and dozens of other members of the group were wounded.

The Taliban were targeted in parts of Balkh, Kaldar, Dehdadi and Chamtal districts last night

A source from Shaheen Corps in north told BNA that the attacks targeted Taliban gatherings and hideouts.

He acknowledged that some 100 Taliban insurgents had been killed in the attacks, but said that 58 other Taliban members had been wounded in the airstrikes.

Most of the attacks were carried out in areas controlled by the Taliban.

Senior military officials in the north say they will continue their ground and air strikes to retake lost parts of Balkh.

The Taliban have not yet commented in this regard.

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