Necessary Health Facilities Provided To Various Incidents’ Victims In Vote Run-off

Monday, June 16, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Ministry of Public Health and all ministries and relevant organs working in health sectors fulfilled great participation in better holding of presidential runoff election by providing urgent health services on June 14.
Ministry of Public Health with cooperation of MoD, MoI, MoHE, NDS and Red Crescent Society had taken a step for setting up a health center in Sardar Mohammad Daud Khan Hospital for urgent addressing to possible incidents’ victims, providing necessary health facilities and coordination towards treatment of the victims.
On June 14, 116 people including women and children sustained injuries in various incidents across the country and were put under serious treatment after they were taken to hospitals. Currently they are in good health condition.
It is worth mentioning that all health centers were open on the Election Day across the country and besides addressing to the incidents’ injured, common patients were also cured in the health centers.

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