Needy Families Received Aid in Panjshir

PANJSHIR (BNA) 178 needy families received humanitarian aid in Panjshir.

The aid were provided by the “DRC, UNICEF, and WFP” organizations, and were distributed through the Panjshir Directorate of Refugees and Repatriation to needy families.

Mohammad Raha Abrar, the head of Panjshir’s Refugees and Repatriation, said that the aids include cash, food, and household items, which were distributed to 178 families.

In addition to these donations, for the mentioned families, the amount of 14,000 in cash from the “DRC” organization, the number of food items including flour, cooking oil, peas, soap, baby food, biscuits, and salt from the “WFP” and supplies of the house items was also distributed by “WSTA” organization.

He admired the humanitarian aid from the mentioned organizations and demanded its development and continuation for the residents of Panjshir.


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