New Bank Notes Will Replace Old One in the Country: DAB

KABUL (BNA) The transaction of new printed bank notes will soon starts to the country and the old bank notes will be collected after, said Da Afghanistan Bank in a statement.

“This is for the awareness of the citizens of the country that Da Afghanistan Bank has attained tangible results in accordance with the plan about the printing of Afghani banknotes and soon the process of distributing these banknotes will begin according to the plan.” Said the bank in its statement.

The print out of the banknotes is grounded on reasonable monetary policies of the country and balanced with the economic growth and the need for money in the market, and old banknotes will be collected and retired systematically said the Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB).

Meanwhile, Da Afghanistan Bank has asked the citizens of the country to take into account the necessary measures to maintain banknotes and to act responsibly in the course of transactions, to prevent premature depreciation of Afghan banknotes and to play their part in preserving the national capital.

This is while, the citizens of the country are complaining about the fragile of old “Afghani currency” and they want the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan to start the process of collecting the fragile currency and replace it with new banknotes.


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