New Historical Sites Discovered in Baghlan

KABUL (BNA): Provincial Officials of the Information and Culture department of Baghlan say on Saturday that new historical sites were discovered in the province.

Local officials say Baghlan with its historical sites, and tourist attractions is a desirable spot to receive tourists.

Head of tourism at the Baghlan Department of Information and Culture
Mawlawi Ezaat Mirhaghani told BNA that domestic and foreign tourists could travel to Baghlan without any concerns and visit historical sites and other tourist attractions, with its complete security, has provided a favorable environment for tourists in that province

He said that Baghlan province, with more than 28 ancient and historical sites and tourist attractions, including waterfalls and resorts, is suitable for domestic and foreign tourists.

Karim Dad Rahimi, in charge of Baghlan historical monuments, said that the historical monuments of Sorkh Kotal, Shamarq, Chaharshanbe Tappeh with the historical site of Cheem Qala and Mir Ghazi Bey historical fort are among the historical and archeological sites of the province and belong to the Koshan time, which acknowledges good tourism.


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