New Printed Banknotes Will be a Good Start to Address Country’s Major Economic Problems

KABUL (BNA) The existence of deteriorated banknotes in Afghanistan is a bitter reality in daily transactions, but with the arrival of new banknotes, these problems no longer continue.

BNA analyst: Da Afghanistan Bank said Wednesday that the first batch of new Afghan banknotes has arrived at the Kabul airport.

Meanwhile, the people and businessmen of Afghanistan were facing three major problems in their daily transactions and business transactions, the existence of deteriorated banknotes, the lack of physical money and the problem of cash flow.

These problems had created obstacles in different areas, until the necessary basic goods were sold with new and old printed money at different prices, and the lack of physical money affected commercial transactions and the banking system.

Printing new banknotes is a reasonable monetary policy and an appropriate economic plan, which can be a good start to address major economic problems in the country.

Its hopeful that with the arrival of new printed banknotes, the problem of the existence of counterfeit banknotes will be solved and the country’s banking system will be strengthened and people will have more access to their money in banks.


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