No Prisoner Escape from Kunduz Jail on that Province says: Officials of Province

Kunduz (BNA) Officials of Kunduz say no prisoner have escapes from the Jail on that province.
According to BNA correspondent, in a tele-phone call Qari Obaidullah Abad, the spokesperson of chief of police of Kunduz states, that late yesterday a few of the prisoners who are intended to escape the jail the officer’s security of the prison arrest them and return them back to their prison cell.
Abad adding, that no prisoners escape from the jail and all prisoners are in the custody of the jail.
In the meantime, Matiullah Rohani, director of Information and culture of Kunduz say, some prisoners have broken their cell room door and had plan to escape from Kunduz Jail but the prison guards arrested them before the could escapes.

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