Number of Tourist Increases in Bamyan

BAMYAN (BNA) Since the start of Eid al-Fitr, nearly 13,000 tourists have visited Bamyan says local officials of the province.

Around 2 thousand private and passenger vehicles passed the entrance gate of Bamyan buying tickets for visiting national parks in that province, a total number of 13,000 tickets have been sold, said Zabihullah Rabdoost director of Bamyan Agriculture to BNA.

He asked all the tourists to keep the environment clean and prevent throwing garbage in the landfill so that the beautiful environment of the national park is not polluted and to follow the regulations set by the Department of Agriculture, Irrigation, and Livestock.

Ahmad Jan Popal, one of the tourists who traveled to Bamyan from Kandahar, says came to enjoy the Bamyan landscape and have fun along with his friends.

Bamyan is one of the first historic provinces in the country and Bamyan Buddha is one ancient monument that attracts thousands of tourists inside and outside the country.

Meanwhile, tourist complains about the high rent of hotels room and the high cost of food and says that the authorities should pay attention to controlling the food and hotel rent price.


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