Obama Speaks With President Karzai On Phone

Tuesday, May 27, 2014 Kabul (BNA) President of the United States, Barack Obama called President Karzai last night (Afghanistan time) to congratulate him on the conduct of the first round of Afghan elections for President and Provincial Councils and to praise the constructive role played by the President and the people of Afghanistan in the elections. President Obama hoped that the 2nd round of the Afghan Elections would, also be completed successfully. During the telephone conversation, the two leaders also talked about the peace process of Afghanistan. President Karzai informed President Obama that the swearing ceremony for the next President of Afghanistan will be held on 2nd August, this year and hoped that the US would also be represented at a senior level in the event. It is to note that before this conversation, the US side asked President Karzai for a meeting with President Barak Obama at Bagram airfield, but President Karzai refused to go to Bagram for meeting.

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