Office of Deputy PM: More than 10 thousand Beggars collected in Kabul

KABUL (BNA) Under chairmanship Mullah Abdul Ghani Beradar the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic affairs of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, the Commission of collection of beggars from Kabul city says that 10,150 beggars collected from Kabul city so far.

According to the commission, the collected beggars 7029 are women, which after identifications 2,426 were eligible 4,603 were professional beggars.

834 were men which after identifications 294 were eligible 540 were professional beggars, said a statement by Deputy PM office.
Of the above-collected number, 2,287 were children which 1,245 were eligible 992 were professional and 50 others were headless, after biometrics they were introduced to the Ministry of Labor and Social affairs where they will be provided with education opportunities besides shelter.
It must be said that after an identification the eligible one will receive a monthly payment from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.


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