Officials Seeking New Plan To Tighten Kabul Security

Tuesday October 4, 2016

Kabul (BNA) Security officials are seeking new effective plan to ensure security in the capital Kabul, amid growing concern over rising kidnapping and armed theft.
Summoned by the country’s Mishrano Jirga, Taj Mohammad Jahid, the minister of interior vowed to ensure in the capital further than ever, however he said it was too hard to check hundreds of vehicles entering the capital each day. According to him, nearly 20 security operations have been conducted against militants all over the country, he added that currently dozens of some neighboring countries supported terrorist groups were fighting the country’s security forces, but assured, “The enemies would never reach their targets.” The minister reassured of recapturing the areas lost to the Taliban militants, as he believed a nationwide launched military operations have been clearly following clear results. Jahid pointed out to the presence and activity of Daesh in the eastern province of Nangarhar, where he said the terrorist group had suffered heavy casualties and the entire districts have been cleared of the fighters, assuring the residents to return to their areas. Ensuring security in Kabul City, alongside other big cities of the country was the core aim of the country’s security entities. “And we have new plan devised to implement it, starting from Kabul and extending to other big cities of the country.”
Other security stakeholders, like 101st Asmayee Zone Police Commander, deputy financial and administrative affairs minister shared some key security issues with the upper house of the parliament, saying some 2000 vehicles are entering the capital each day and the Kabul police lacked enough facilities to launch checking and search into all of them. “SO, installation of scanners on the four gates of the capital is needed, on which work is underway,” said the Asmayee Zone Police Commander adding the process would take enough time to be completed. The official assured that the crime graph including kidnapping has reduced this year compared to the past, as he said illegal armed men armed men are trailed and disarmed and illegal weapons are collected and tinted windows are removed from the vehicles crossing any Kabul crossroads, though he confirmed that there were some areas out of police control. Deputy financial and administrative affairs head also said there was a need for providing the Kabul gates with scanners and the plan would implemented in near future.
He added that in order to suppress insurgents, the ministry of interior had launched dozens of mop up operation countrywide, with another effective step to establish local police security posts in all 25 restive districts.
“Some 18,000 American rifles have been provided by the ministry of interior to use them instead of old weapons,” he added assuring the Afghan security forces were completely ready to foil the enemies’ plans.
The upper house called satisfactory the plan, the security entities presented to the Sunday’s session of the lawmakers, asking for more to be done by the security and defense organs in fighting security of the country, particularly the capital. A number of Kabul citizens asked for both Afghan and coalition forces coordination, particularly, a close cooperation of the country’s security entities to suppress the militants and retake the lost areas.
According to a school teacher, Ustad Rahmat, many schools have been closed in some remote provinces of the country, and the security forces have to launch offensive and push the militants back to reopen the schools.
Rahmat also said crime level has reached its apex in the capital and the security forces should adopt effective measures to trail illegal armed men and the criminals. Another Kabul citizen, Naseem, who said his pocket had been robbed and his money taken away, and quoting his colleagues saying their vehicle has been stopped in Maidan Hawaye (Airport) area and all their money and mobile phones taken away by the pistol armed men. So, he asked the police for precisely searching into the suspected areas and individuals to help the people move day and night for their daily affairs.

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