Over 19800 Beggars Collected From Kabul City So Far

KABUL (BNA) The committee for collecting beggars around capital from the beginning of the series up to now 19827 beggars collected from different sites of Kabul.

In a statement to Bakhtar News Agency the office of Deputy Prime Minister, said from the collected beggars in Kabul 11285 are women ar 4730 deserving and the rest 6555 were professional beggars.

Meanwhile, 1812 male beggars, of which 684 were deserving, and the rest 1128 were professional beggars.

In the mentioned beggars, 6730 children, of which 2737 were deserving, 3931 were professional beggars, and 62 were headless, the statement added.

After a biometric, the headless beggar children are acknowledged to training schools by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, and they were provided with education and profession trainings courses.

Meanwhile, the Afghan Red Crescent Society started distributing cash to deserving beggars a couple of weeks back, adding to the organization reports that hundreds of people have received cash aid.

According to the statement 2,000 Afghanis were distributed to each member of the beggar families.

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